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OBIA: Direct Database Request (DDR)

winstar casino slots online Issue #1:

I was trying to create custom report for suppliers,  But I could not find all the fields from suppliers. Is there any way where we can new columns from database to the report?

is royal vegas online casino safe Solution: 

Oracle BI supports querying the database directly using ‘Direct Database Request’ feature, but however this feature is generally disabled for end-user accounts.

BI shows only those columns in subject Area which have been exposed to presentation layer. So the columns you need as a part of data mapping exercise, if not shown in the subject area needs to be listed and should consider it as an issue. There are few solutions to solve this issue.

1) Technical consultant should sort it out by querying such data from database directly

2) Technical consultant can add the missing columns to the subject area, but however this needs the RPD needs to be deployed and BI servers restart

online casino schweiz steuern Issue #2: 

There is a list of missing fields that you are unable to map from Oracle R12 or Oracle BI during lets say, data migration?

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The few options I can think of extracting data from Oracle are below:
1. Read-only access to Oracle R12 database
2. Enabling the ‘Direct Database Request’ feature in Oracle BI – which allows to run the SQL select queries against the database – provided all the columns are populated in the Oracle Data Warehouse

3. Use the Direct Database Request feature, which queries the database directly bypassing the Oracle BI security