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Oracle EBS: AR – Customer Invoices with New Bank Details

he has a good point Scenario

Lets say, if a customer changes bank account details then the existing invoices in Oracle must be updated manually to the new bank account details. This is a cumbersome and time consuming activity. This results in updating the bank details of the customer before the next direct debit run can occur

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Oracle provides a Public API to allow updating the bank account numbers if the invoices are still open.

IBY_FNDCPT_TRXN_PUB.get_Transaction_Extension (
p_api_version => 1.0,
p_init_msg_list => Fnd_Api.G_TRUE,
x_return_status => ln_return_status,
x_msg_count => ln_msg_count,
x_msg_data => lv_msg_data,
p_payer => ir_customer_cxt_rec,
X_TRXN_ATTRIBS => gv_TrxnExt_rec_type,
P_entity_id => ln_txn_extension_id,
x_response => xr_response);

IF (xr_response.Result_Code!=’SUCCESS’) THEN


ELSIF (xr_response.Result_Code=’SUCCESS’) AND (gv_TrxnExt_rec_type.Debit_Authorization_id IS NULL) THEN



IF (xr_response.Result_Code=’SUCCESS’) AND (gv_TrxnExt_rec_type.Debit_Authorization_id IS NOT NULL) THEN
IBY_FNDCPT_TRXN_PUB.Update_Transaction_Extension (
p_api_version => 1.0,
p_init_msg_list => Fnd_Api.G_TRUE,
p_commit => Fnd_Api.G_false,
x_return_status => vv_return_status,
x_msg_count => vn_msg_count,
x_msg_data => vv_msg_data,
p_payer => ir_customer_context_rec,
p_payer_equivalency => Iby_Fndcpt_Common_Pub.G_PAYER_EQUIV_FULL,
p_pmt_channel => ‘BANK_ACCT_XFER’,
p_instr_assignment => in_instr_assignment_id,
p_trxn_attribs => gv_TrxnExtension_rec_type,
P_entity_id => in_txn_extension_id,
x_response => or_response);

IF xr_response.Result_Code=’SUCCESS’ THEN