Adding WLS Managed Servers in E-Business12.2 Cluster

femme rencontre mariage Why Add Managed Servers?   Application Tier Vertical Scaling: To add additional services to the existing node for meeting load and user concurrency requirements. How to Add Managed Servers?

Managed Server creation is done through the script  ‘’. Managed servers should not be created from the Web Logic Server Administration Console.

When you execute the ‘’, this will create a managed server and add a new entry to the context file.Managed Server name must be of the form _server, for example oacore_server2. Execute the on the run file system only when there is no active ADOP cycle.

Before you prepare, verify the free port numbers and unique across the RUN and PATCH file systems. No two managed servers across the run and patch file systems can have the same port number.

try this out Command :

$ perl /patch/115/bin/ \
ebs-create-managedserver -contextfile= \
-managedsrvname= -servicetype= \
-managedsrvport= -logfile= Usage to add additional OACORE Server:

$ perl /patch/115/bin/ \
ebs-create-managedserver -contextfile= \
-managedsrvname=oacore_server2 -servicetype=oacore \
-managedsrvport=7203 -logfile=/TXK/addMS_oacoreserver2.log

During the next ADOP prepare phase, the configuration change detector identifies that the new node has been added and managed servers are automatically synced up from run file system to the patch file system.

Start the newly added Managed Server ‘oacore_server2’
sh / start oacore_server2

Perform the below steps on all the  application tier nodes participating in the same cluster.

1. Source the run file system.
2. Run to add details of the newly added managed servers into the OHS configuration files mod_wl_ohs.conf and apps.conf on the current node
$ perl /patch/115/bin/ -contextfile= \
3. If Oracle HTTP server is enabled, restart as below

sh / stop
sh / start

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