Oracle Enterprise Data Quality (EDQ) Installation

Download the software from the below location:

Two instances of PostgreSQL are installed on the system

1. Director Database

2. Results Database

JDBC connection strings are exposed in the file, located in oedq_local_home directory

3. If you are using a 64-bit system, do the following

Stop the Oracle EDQ Application Server Service and EDQ Database Service

Windows: services.msc and search above and stop

4. Search for executable dnConfig, click on Application Server, check use 64-bit JVM and apply JVM change. Goto Java tab and use 50% of RAM, click OK

5. Start the EDQ database services and Application server service

6. Change the default password

click on enterprise data quality launchpad

Navigates to http://server name:port number/edq


Click on Change password, enter dnadmin on username and password. Enter new password and click submit


Now all set to use EDQ. Enjoy 😀

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