Oracle Data Integrator (ODI) Variables Introduction?

Variable is an object that stores a single value. It can be string, number or a date.

A variable can be created as a global variable (Prefix as GLOBAL) or a project (PROJECT_CODE). You refer variables using # e.g. #MY_VAR, #MY_PROJET_CODE.MY_VAR, #GLOBAL.MY_VAR

more helpful hints Creating a Variable?

  • Data Type: Alphanumeric, date, Numeric, Text
  • Default Value:
  • Action:
  1. Non-persistent: The value of a variable is kept in memory for whole session
  2. Last value: ODI stores in its repository the latest value held by the variable
  3. Historize: ODI keeps the history of all the values held by the variable. For debugging purposes

visit here Using Variables?

  • Using Variables in Package
    • Declare a variable step
    • Refresh a variable
    • Set the value of a variable
    • Increment a variable
    • Evaluate a variable for conditional branching
  • Using Variables in Interfaces
  • Using Variables in Object Properties
    • Physical names of files and tables (Resource field in the data store) , or their location (Physical Schema’s schema in the topology)
    • Physical Schema
    • Data Server URL
  • Using Variables in Procedures
  • Using Variables within Variables
  • Using Variables in the Resource Name of a Datastore
    • When the file that needs to be loaded into a DWH is dynamic, you can use a variable in the resource name of a data store e.g. where DWH is project_code
    • Declare a variable to use it in the resource property, Set the value of a variable to set to a value, Refresh the value in the package
  • Passing a Variable to a Scenario
  • Generating a Scenario for a Variable

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